White Supremacy: The Cause Behind the Capitol Assault

There was only one force driving the attack on the Capitol in Washington: fear from white supremacists that their world of privilege is coming to an end.

White supremacy is the only factor behind people’s support for Trump. You need not look any further, or get any fancier, to explain the emotions behind the take-over of the Capitol.

It has been a long wave through the American character. It started with the founding of the country as the world’s only “slavery capitalist” state. Slavery shaped the aggressive character of Southern representatives in Congress, who — trained by their slave-holding natures — despised the men of the North. It surfaced with Representative Sumner being attacked with a cane by Representative Brooks in the Capitol in 1856.

It was defeated, but not crushed, by the Civil War. The Civil War has in fact never been concluded in America. It kept on with Jim Crow laws and lynchings.

It surfaced in the assault on the Capital when the Confederate flag flew inside the captured Hall…when a Confederate flag was wrapped around the doors of the Museum of Jewish Heritage a few days later. The polls that show that almost half of Republicans believe the election was ‘stolen’, and that would be an exact fit for the percentage of white people who cannot bear the loss of their skin-toned supremacy. They cannot bear that they do not have an immediate privilege when they walk down the street, past people of other colors or other countries.

They sense the force of the hammer and an anvil pounding down white supremacy:

· Economic: American life is increasingly populated by immigrants, who bring in new energy and new ideas.

· Scientific: Rabid religious beliefs are caving in to critical thinking.

Regarding immigration, here is how fast America is changing: By the time today’s teenagers hit their 30s, there will be — for the first time ever — more minorities than whites, more old people than children, and more people practicing Islam than Judaism.

In America “Immigrants are about twice as likely as natives to start new businesses,” says Arnobio Morelix, an analyst at the Kauffman Foundation, which promotes entrepreneurship.

In a report last year, the Kauffman Foundation concluded that in 2016 nearly 30 percent of new American companies were started by first-generation immigrants, up from 13 percent in 1996.

This revitalization is not unique to America; Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, in fact, was invented by two immigrants to Germany.

Regarding science, most of the world, including America, is moving closer to universal ideas that come from science, and away from delusional ideas that come largely from White-dominated Evangelicals and other southern-Christian movements.

Increasing numbers of people are turning away from organized religion, and from White Evangelicalism, to self-directed forms of thought and worship. Within a decade, nearly 1 in 4 Americans will be unaffiliated with religion, including 30% of 30-to-44 year olds. In 2010, just 18% of the same age group was unaffiliated.

To Evangelical arguments that this heralds a collapse in moral values, I would only point out that divorce rates among Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians are the highest in the country. Something is fundamentally wrong with their family fundamentals. If they wanted family values, the Supremacists should convert to Hinduism.

White Supremacy today tries to look acceptable by hiding behind the label “Conservative”. “Conservatism” today is just a code-word for “me only”….I won’t share. Whites Only need apply.

On top of it all — and on top of them all, the White Supremacists are led by a man with no science and no moral values. Trump can barely read. His science is to inject bleach into your veins. He has raped an uncounted number of women. Despite his privileged position, he has failed at almost every endeavor in life. His superiority creates a sneer on his face whenever people of another race are near him. He regards other countries as trash.

His world — and the world of the White Supremacists — is closing in. That is why they are lashing out in rage; that is why they are re-starting the Civil War. They want to be in a difference place, in a different time. In an era where people called you “massa”, and knew their place.

A place they belonged.

Sadly for them, it’s Gone With The Wind.


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Barry Gander

I'm a Canadian from Connecticut, so 2 strikes against me. I'm a top writer in 5 fields, & I love finding the Meaning under the passing headlines.