Vietnam and Afghanistan: Last Videos

Videos of frantic crowds taken four decades apart tear open a wound revealing systemic American failure.

46 years separate two crowds of frantic people chasing the last plane out — people whose misfortune it was to have believed in America.

These are hard to watch, but drive home a lesson.

August 2021, Kabul, Afghanistan:

April 1975, Saigon, Vietnam:

The reason for these failures is that Americans in general have no clue about the world outside its borders, and no idea of what motivates people in other countries, nor what the wars are about.

In Vietnam, Robert McNamara, LBJ and the boys did not understand that to the Vietnamese, the unification of their country was worth everything — surrender was not a concept.

In Afghanistan, Bush and company did not once mention that their new war was being launched against a Saudi rebel whose goal on 9/11 had been to show America what it was doing in Israel. The only important objective for America would have been to establish the nation of Palestine, instead of invading Afghanistan.

As you watch the desperation in the faces of those fleeing from the American defeats, one is left to pity the next country that America will help.

Because obviously the lessons are not being learned by a military cabal that seemingly owns the American government.

The Russians often take a pounding in the American press about their supposed interference in American elections. It has never been demonstrated that Russia spent more than the amount needed to buy one Facebook ad. Why would they need to? America’s military by itself is capable and willing to destroy the country on its own! No outside help needed.

OR…America could take the trillions of dollars it has burned on military misadventure, and spend it on education: increasing the salaries and resources of the people who could have provided a real picture of the real world, and the needs of the people in it. A kinder, smarter America would be the outcome. And the money would be spent IN America, instead of in some Asian or Middle Eastern country in the form of bombs and bullets.

Because we’re tired of those videos. Failure is not a habit that Americans condone.



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