The Wagner Murders In Russia Are An Omen Of Deaths To Come

Barry Gander
11 min readMay 5
The Putin biker gang “Night Wolves” contribute to a wave of gang-driven violence in Russia.

Having completed his contract with Wagner Group Demyan Kevorkyan returned to his home town and promptly robbed two motorists and helped to kill them.

He had joined Wagner from jail, where he was being held for attacking, robbing and killing motorists. His latest crime was just like old times.

Wagner Group recruits from jails across Russia and gives prisoners a chance at freedom in return for service in the private army. Wagner is fighting in Ukraine and is locked in a battle in Bakhmut.

19-year-old Tatyana Mostyko and 37-year-old Kirill Chubko were event planners who vanished on their way home from work last Friday night. Their car hit a pothole and the wheel was punctured. Several men evidently came by and offered to help.

Three days later their car was found, burned and left at the edge of a forest near Berezanskaya.

Kirill’s body was found first. It showed “signs of a violent death.” A short time later the remains of Tatyana were located, buried in a wooded area.

According to one source: “The pair reportedly got a flat tire on their way home from a work event and pulled over to try and fix it. Chubko’s wife told local media he had called that night to say a group of guys who had also supposedly had car trouble offered to help fix the vehicle. But a short time later, Chubko stopped answering his phone.”

Their bank cards had been used to withdraw a combined total of around 180,000 rubles ($2,300).

Demyan had two accomplices, one of who turned on him immediately after being arrested: “Demyan was in charge. I should have let the girl go,” said the co-criminal. It did not gain him much sympathy; he admitted to slitting Tatyana’s throat.

At least two other convicts who joined Wagner to get out of lengthy prison sentences have been accused of murder since their release.

In March, Ivan Rossomakhin, 28, allegedly killed an elderly pensioner in the Kirov region shortly after returning to the same village where he got a 14-year sentence…

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