The Stalemate In Ukraine Isn’t Really Stale

Barry Gander
9 min readNov 6, 2023

Russia continues to deflate

Recently some media people profess to be discouraged by a statement from Ukraine’s commander-in-chief when he used the “S” word.

“Just like in the First World War we have reached the level of technology that puts us into a stalemate,” said General Valery Zaluzhnyi.

He referred to a new stage of static and attritional fighting — a phase that could allow Moscow to rebuild its military power.

Zaluzhnyi said his army needed key new military capabilities and technological innovation to break out of the impasse. He forecast that prolonged, attritional fighting “will benefit Russia, allowing it to rebuild its military power, eventually threatening Ukraine’s armed forces and the state itself.”

He spotlighted Russia’s air power advantage that made advancing harder. He called for massive drone strikes to overload Russia’s air defences.

This is something we have foreseen, and in fact commented that Ukraine is creating exactly the kind of innovative industry — especially in drone warfare — that will keep it ahead of Russia into the future. The Ukrainians have some 60 companies building drones in an enthusiastic atmosphere of start-up companies — they are building a completely new theory of warfare.

Zaluzhnyi’s statement was immediately jumped on by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy who squelched the idea that the war with Russia had reached a “stalemate”. He called for more work with his allies to strengthen air defences.

“Today time has passed and people are tired,” he acknowledged. “But this is not a stalemate.” Zelenskiy added that Ukrainian troops had no other alternative but to keep fighting and required more support from Western allies, especially with air defences.

Reading between the lines, we can imagine Zelensky picking up the newscast from his commander and snapping “You said WHAT?!”

There is a reason that one of them is President and the other is not allowed to make policy comments. I am sure Zaluzhnyi’s words were repeated by Moscow’s news channels and also used to deflate the moral of Ukrainian soldiers. You wonder what some people are thinking when they profess to ‘lead’ by deflating…



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