The Republican Identity and Future As Revealed in The “Guns” Issue

Barry Gander
12 min readNov 28, 2022

The rabid fever that overcomes Republicans when they hear about ‘gun control’ could kill them off politically in the 2024 elections. “Guns” could misfire on Republicans in 2024 like abortion miscarried in 2022.

The effect of Republican addiction to an unpopular cause has already been demonstrated.

Republicans could find themselves driving off the cliff in 2024 because they did not learn their 2022 election lesson regarding abortion.

Support for abortion choice is so strong it slapped the Republicans down harder than almost any election in a century.

Since 1922, there have only been three instances of the president’s party gaining (or losing no) Senate seats and losing fewer than 10 House seats in the president’s first midterm.

The Republican failure is systemic: it goes beyond the personalities of the candidates. It did not matter that much who was running in the 2022 mid-terms; the abortion choice issue was so powerful that voters only cared whether the party stick-figures were pro-choice or pro-ban. Considering that 80 percent of Americans are pro-choice, it is not surprising that the Democrats were able to buck decades of trends and do so well in the mid-terms. It was only surprising to the media and the pollsters. You know, the experts.

Similarly, 2024 will depend on an issue — the intensity of voters’ personal identification with guns. Abortion may also still play a role, but it is conceivable that the ban could be revoked before then.

How intense is this Republican fixation with guns, then? How many would transfer their weapon ideology to the voting booth? Who are the Republicans today?

Context: Pushing the proposed assault gun ban onto the table is President Biden, fed up with the latest mass killing at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs. He vowed to enact an assault weapons ban “to get weapons of war off America’s streets.”

Shooters are most often stopped by an unarmed man — not by someone like this guy with his hands in his pockets (reaction time?) from “Meal Team Six” who doesn’t realize that someone with a knife could slash the strap and have his gun in a few seconds.

The reality that Republicans don’t want to hear, is that civilians without guns take out mass shooters more



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