The Man Who Almost Stopped The Immolation of Israel and Palestine

Barry Gander
9 min readNov 3, 2023

Let me say at the outset that a world without Israel would be a miserable alternate universe; an admission that we cannot peacefully honor the longing of a venerable people.

It is for that reason that I assert that what Israel has been doing to itself, is not helpful.

Israeli policies seem to lead to self-destruction and the regression of Israeli influence, as many nations pull away from it. If this continues, Hamas will have won.

China’s direction, for example, can be seen in the fact that the three largest media platforms have apparently just removed the name “Israel” from their maps. The removal is definitely in response to Israel’s program in Gaza.

Alibaba, Baidu and Gaode are China’s equivalent of Google Maps. On the sites, viewers are able to see Israel’s neighboring countries of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, but the Zionist state’s name and flag are missing.

Leaving Israel off a map will not make it disappear; at worst, it is an indication that China is Displeased. But China’s English-language newspaper China Daily published an editorial about how the American uncritical support of Israel “places it “on the wrong side of history.”

Evidently the Chinese media world has published articles alleging that there is Jewish control of the American media. Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi attacked Israel’s response to the Gaza attack as being “actions have gone beyond self-defence.”

The pull-back by the Arab world is more troubling.

Bahrain’s parliament announced the recalling of its ambassador and the freezing of economic ties with Israel. Bahrain is a very small country but significant as the place where oil was first discovered in the region. The statement by Bahrain’s parliament said that Israel’s ambassador returned for security reasons.

Bahrain established diplomatic relations with Israel in 2020 as part of the Abraham Accords, which were signed after negotiations with the U.S. and the UAE.



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