The Fall Of The Political Party

Barry Gander
11 min readSep 16, 2023

Heartbreaking pleas that no Party heeds: this is what happens when you ignore voters’ needs.

For the first time, more people are classifying themselves as “Independent” rather than as affiliated with a political party:

Fewer Americans than ever are happy with the directions the traditional parties are going.

The above graphic does not show the full danger of the discontent: almost half of younger voters now describe themselves as independents.

This is the political environment of the future: increasing trends towards independence, combined with a leaning by the next generation toward open appeals from ‘outside’ interests. And with the rise of the billionaire class, there are many elite rich power-seekers who would be happy to step in. Trump was one; it was fortunate for America that he was a moron. The next wealthy Mussolini may be crafty enough to end democracy without anyone noticing.

That is why it is important to funnel the ‘independents” into a movement that they can believe in and can hold accountable for results. A third political party that heeds their needs.

The biggest drop in support is with the Republican Party, which lost one-third of its believers, but even the Democrat lost one-tenth of their number.

Yes, there is a case for saying that the Trump Horror has driven the Republican numbers down, but that is not the complete answer, for it has not led to a rise among Democrats…even the Mango Molester was unable to drive Democratic numbers up.

The Democratic sag may have to do with the lack of appeal of the current President, or it may be related to a more general cause.

I lean toward the latter, because I think there are deeper currents sweeping through the American political system…currents that go all the way back to the original intention and vision for America.

We The People” opens the Constitution…

Not: “We The Wealthy.”



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