The Betrayal That DESERVES To Put Trump In Jail

Barry Gander
9 min readApr 7

Right now Trump is being investigated for four possible criminal cases: hush money payments to Stormy Daniels, stealing classified documents, lying to insurers and lenders about his assets, and interfering with the results of the election in Georgia. There is additional litigation.

In our rear-view mirror however there is one breach of America’s trust that calls out to be revisited. It is a monumental crime that brought war to Ukraine, threats of a global nuclear war, and disrepute to the United States. Trump’s deals with Putin triggered that dictator to believe he could get away with conquest. It was such an egregious action on Trump’s part that it crossed the line from ‘business profit-making’ to intentional sell-out of the nation.

The outline of the case came to light when Trump was impeached in 2019 for his efforts to undermine Ukraine on behalf of Russia. But through the machinations of Party politics he was able to duck the charge and the impeachment.

But that does not mean his was innocent, and does not mean we should let the crime go. His actions are still echoing around the world today, and should be reviewed again to determine if they are jail-worthy.

If we can take action against him for a relationship with a hooker, we can certainly open a cell door for betrayal of the nation.

Let’s review what happened, and you can determine yourself whether Trump should face criminal consequences.

Cast your mind back to 2016, when Republicans scoured the corners of the world looking for evidence (that didn’t exist) of Hillary Clinton’s role in the deaths of four Americans in an organized Islamic attack against an American outpost in Benghazi, Libya.

At the same time that the Republicans were frothing about Clinton, in 2016, President Obama announced economic sanctions against Russia to retaliate for its interference in the presidential elections. Michael Flynn, Trump’s incoming national security adviser, called Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. When word of the phone call got out, it was announced that the call had merely exchanged pleasantries. In fact, it was about Russian influence on the 2016 election.

Barry Gander

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