(take a break:) Fox News Strikes Again: Build A Wall on the CANADIAN Border?

Barry Gander
4 min readFeb 1, 2023
A Canadian builds a wall on the U.S. border…

Fox News is pumping up a new fear: illegal immigrants from Canada.

Fox needs a boost. Illegal immigration from Mexico is dropping to about half its previous number. Fox is not, of course, attributing that decline to Democrat action, especially not reporting the words of Doug Nicholls, the Republican mayor of Yuma: “This is pretty significant and some of it has to be some of the changes the president made.”

Fox is trying to persuade people that they should be afraid of invasion from the north.

This reporting is coming from Texas. They must be using binoculars to watch the Canadian border.

A few population facts about Texas: While Texas has the largest rural population, most actual Texans (84%) live in the city. Frontier life be dammed — pass the ribs.

At the same time, the number of white (non-Hispanic) Texans is dropping like a wounded buzzard, from about half the state population now to about one-quarter by 2050.

There is another reason Texans might be miffed at Canada: Ted Cruz. No, we’re not taking him back. He escaped from the lab and he’s your problem now. Same with Justin Bieber.

In fact, I think Canadians would be OK with America keeping anyone who is trying to escape from free health care and a higher educational system.

You would wonder what Fox is afraid of. Immigrants in general are less of a threat than citizens. Fox News itself reported that there is less violent crime by the undocumented immigrant population than by the general population. Can you imagine how polite a Canadian immigrant would be?

Canada, in the meantime, has a reverse focus: it is trying to attract 1.5-million immigrants by 2025. We need the growth.

So the plan to infiltrate the U.S. has had to be put on hold.

Not to offend, but Canada is gently planting a Privacy Hedge along the border. That’s the Canadian equivalent of kicking the lunch-pail down the street.



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