Putin About To LOSE CENTRAL ASIA To China…(and gets Zero on China’s Ukraine plan)

Barry Gander
5 min readMar 24

Right after China’s President Xi Jinping left Moscow after talks about the war in Ukraine, he set up a new meeting of Central Asian countries to poach a huge region away from Russia.

You could see the cards line up after Russia scored ZERO on Xi’s plan to end the Ukraine war.

This makes Putin arguably the least competent ruler that Russia has ever had.

The Kremlin has long seen former-Soviet republics as part of its sphere of influence.

Xi invited the leaders of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan to the first “China-Central Asia Summit”. Turkmenistan may also have been invited. The meeting will be held in May.

Russia is not invited.

What Russia is losing: The region Xi is poaching has a population of some 72 million people, encompasses more than 4 million square kilometers and has a collectively GDP of $1 trillion.

All of the nations in the region are chaffing at Russian control. Kazakhstan in particular was shaken by a wave of social unrest in 2022, and it is the key to the region. For American interest: it is the only country that has a Grand Canyon bigger than the one in the US. Of geopolitical interest, its energy reserves are now attracting the attention of Bitcoin ‘miners’ who need its power to run their computers since they were shut out of China.

Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev has made it clear that while he will not join Western sanctions against Russia, he has no intention of supporting any form of the Russian annexation of any Ukrainian territory. Further, many of the hundreds of thousands of young Russians escaping mobilization are highly educated and bring skills that may trigger a boom in the Kazakh information technology industry.

Enter Xi.

He is after a gigantic territory that is fully half the size of the USA. It adds up to one-quarter of the Russian land mass.

It puts Chinese influence within a few km of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and within 2,000 km of Moscow.

A further swath of states from Georgia to Ukraine are pulling away from Russia as well. They are heading for European-style governance.

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