Out By A Holocaust: the Jokes of Joe Rogan

Music aggregator Spotify has added podcaster Joe Rogan to its roster. Up jumped artists and consumes angry over Rogan’s right-wing views. Spotify responded by quietly cleansing Joe Rogan’s image; they removed 113 episodes of his podcasts.

But he immediately piled on new corrosion.

Rogan has just raged against a curfew in Montreal designed to help slow a Covid surge, calling the restriction, “wild.” “It’s been pretty clear up until this point that all these lockdowns don’t work. They don’t stop the spread,” he said.

In fact, it has been estimated that in Europe alone the lives of three million people have been saved by lock-downs!

Given the even worse situation in the U.S., we could reasonably double that number, to assert that at least six million lives were saved by lock-downs — a number equal to the estimated number of Jewish lives lost in the holocaust!

Rogan is out by a holocaust! Lock-downs save lives!

To put it another way: by refusing to do lock-downs and other severe restrictions, America has been nuked by the equivalent of eight Hiroshima atom bombs!

Think the concept here, Spotify: if the podcaster is so unclean that you have to eliminate material to re-make his image, what exactly are you putting up? Is he worth having on your platform!?

The podcasts that got flushed featured far-right or conspiracy wing-nuts, including Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, and Michael Malice. Comedians like Rich Vos and Little Esther were washed away as well.

Rogan promoted invermectin, the cattle drug, as a covid cure, in spite of the wealth of science papers dismissing its value.

He is also a racist, unafraid of using the “N” word. He once described going into a black neighbourhood theatre as entering “Planet of the Apes”.

I can see how that would appeal to some viewers in the Deep South. The ones who were upset when General Lee’s statue was removed in Richmond.

But Spotify paid $100-million to Rogan to carry his podcasts, so this is a fight about profit, not purpose.

Spotify’s recent decision to make money off of the podcasts of Joe Rogan shows the ugly hypocrisy of letting the profit motive over-ride the public good.

Spotify is making this a case for ‘free speech’, as Facebook has done in the past. But this is nonsense. Social media engines take down the content of individuals all the time. Rogan already has ‘free speech’. What Spotify is doing is giving him ‘free amplification’ — amplification of corrosive content that will in many cases cause death-by-misinformation.

The lack of self-control in these rifts is staggering. Joe Rogan has taken both sides in the Covid vaccination story, as suited his need for publicity. In March of 2020 he interviewed his guest Dr. Michael Osterholm, an expert in infectious disease and a member of the White House’s COVID-19 advisory board. In the interview, posted to Reddit in the r/JoeRogan subreddit , it is evident that both men supported vaccination. “There’s a reason why the cases of polio are so tiny, there’s a reason why smallpox went away,” Rogan says, “It’s because of vaccines.”

Since then, Rogan went full-tilt bozo against vaccines, hosting conspiracy theory ‘experts’ who are rabidly anti-vax.

There was a time when Spotify was considered a sort of rebellious platform, where you could get access to music at reasonable cost. No longer. They are one of the biggest profit machines out there.

Never mind that they provide an amplifier for criminally anti-truth anti-vax messaging, or the promotion of racism.

One of the shortcomings of a purely capitalist, money-centric system like ours, is that it drains the human dimension out of all equations. Need health care and can’t afford it? Die. Been squeezed by the police and can’t pay a lawyer? Lose.

If we had a system that judged people and actions on their human merits, the leaders of Spotify — and Joe Rogan — would be under investigation for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’. There are ways we can judge the number of people who Joe/Spotify has killed…measure the up-ticks in the graphs…

It’s instructive to see how Rogan’s opinion against lock-downs might have come about, and what that says for Spotify’s cleansing efforts.

Rogan might have been looking at a sensationalist Johns Hopkins paper which came out against lock-downs.

Five minutes of research would have shown Joe that it was written by three economists, from the university’s unaffiliated Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, so it’s not really from Johns Hopkins. Never mind.

All three authors of the Krieger paper are of the “free market” persuasion. The foremost author is Steve Hanke, who is actually not a medical researcher but a currency expert.

Steve has a rage against lockdowns. I suppose it’s a reflex when you are in favour of free markets. Recently, he posted a cartoon showing a truck about to crush an image of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in an Adolf Hitler guise. “Trudeau’s political overreach and endless lockdowns have pushed the Canadian public to the boiling point,” he opined.

In fact — and as a Canadian I get irritated at Steve’s presumption — only 20 per cent of Canadians think Trudeau has not done a good job on Covid. Not quite a ‘boiling point’ situation, Steve-o.

Steve’s analysis failed to account for instances in which a lockdown may have arrested the growth rate of deaths, if not the raw number of deaths themselves. “Many countries locked down before seeing exponential growth and therefore saw no reduction in deaths,” wrote Samir Bhatt, an Imperial College London statistician who was directly involved with the COVID-19 response in New York State.

Steve’s study omitted Bhatt’s work, which calculated that lockdowns saved three million lives in Europe alone.

It’s not enough that Spotify cleanse Rogan’s past. He marches on! They are dealing with someone who carries with him a fundamental illness…a mental incapacity to do basic research on the topics he spews his vomit on.

Rogan of course tries to brush it off. He joked the other night that “who would listen to my advice?” This is the ‘Sidney Powell’ defence. Powell was on Trump’s defence team when she claimed that Dominion Voting Machines had rigged the election. Her lawyers claimed that “no reasonable person” would mistake her wild views as statements of fact.

Posing as being semi-sane is not much of a defence. She was such a wing-nut that Rudy Giuliani kicked her off the team! How low do you have to go for Rudy Giuliani to consider that you’re a liability?

Same with Rogan; he went to considerable trouble to bring ‘experts’ onto his podcast, to make claims about Covid that ran counter to science and measurably hurt America.

It could catch up with Spotify, in the end. Rogan is advising people to do things that will kill them. At some point, he could be sued, and so could Spotify. There are consequences to drastically wrong advice!

But thus far, Rogan has not learned; he is only reporting a free-rein distorted view of the world.

In the meantime, we need sharp young attorneys who can sue for cases of ‘death by deliberate delusion.’ There has to be an accounting for Rogan’s rifts.



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Barry Gander

Barry Gander

I am a Canadian born in Connecticut - two strikes against me! I love geography, history and science, and I am a top political and economic writer on MEDIUM.