I’m Sure The Damage Will Buff Out…

Barry Gander
6 min readSep 2

But if it doesn’t, Putin will fall.

Compare two unrelated news items for a second:

In the first, Russian and Ukraine media reported what appears to be the largest coordinated drone attack on Russia and on the occupied Crimean Peninsula. The attacked happened overnight in five regions in central Russia, in the western Pskov region, and in the city of Sevastopol in occupied Crimea.

One of the most severely hit targets was Pskov airport.

Russia said that it had repelled the attack and admitted that a plane was “damaged”. At first, Rusia reported that all the drones had been destroyed or downed.

The region of Pskov, which was also targeted by drones in late May, is surrounded by NATO members Estonia and Latvia to its west and Belarus to its south.

Peskov is further north than anything the Ukrainians have attacked before; it is 800 km from Ukraine.

After the attack, all flights were canceled at the airport.

Explosions were heard just before midnight in Pskov. A resident of a house just a kilometer from the airport under the pseudonym “Olga” believes those tasked with guarding the site could have let a sabotage group slip into the airport grounds.

“At first there was no shooting,” the woman said, “no air defenses operating. There were three explosions, then, after some time, a fourth. I firmly believe it was sabotage from the ground. Then, in order to cover it up, the airport security began to shoot into the air. After all, not a single drone from those allegedly shot down showed up anywhere.”

Click for a video of the attack.

Two young builders in Pskov hold Vladimir Putin ultimately responsible for the attack. “I think our ‘shining star’ [Putin] is to blame,” said one. “If…

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