“I Will Make You A Birthday Cake” — Anguish for Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

Barry Gander
11 min readDec 4, 2023

Israelis killed 700 people overnight in “the first AI-facilitated genocide in history”

“My love, I will throw you a birthday party. I swear, I will make you the birthday cake you wanted. My girl, my girl, I can’t handle it. My sweet girl, my love. My heart, my heart.”

This heart-rending video of a Palestinian mother struggling to grasp that her little girl is dead, encapsulates the grief being delivered by Israel upon Gaza.

To those who wave it away saying that Hamas attacked first: nonsense. The Zionist violence stirred in 1920 and the country began to pull apart. The Middle East had been at peace for a thousand years, with Jews and Arabs living side-by-side, until the Zionists came, determined to kill the Palestinians.

The most famous Jewish scientist in history — Albert Einstein — knew from its bloody conception that an Israel created and run by right-wing, gun-wielding zealots was not viable. It is no wonder that increasing numbers of Jews around the world — in whose name Israel claims to exist and act — are, as Einstein was, revulsed by the “Nazi and Fascist” political philosophy that Zionism entails.

Einstein disassociating himself from Zionism.

The current Israeli bombing is thus not new — it is a continuation. Only once, under Israeli PM Rabin, was there a chance for peace, as he recognized that only one course could end the violence: a confederated state with defined rights for both communities.

He was of course killed immediately after signing an accord with the Palestinians; he was killed by a Zionist.

In an effort to blunt the social media impact of the Palestinian deaths, Israeli propagandists have started a campaign planting suspicion on the veracity of the images; one publication even said that an image showed a doll instead of a dead child. Social media users immediately assailed publication, the Jerusalem Post, protesting that the image did indeed depict a human infant. The Post issued a retraction.

In the latest round of death, Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesman Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra…



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