Germany Says It’s OK To Attack Russia

Barry Gander
5 min readJun 7

Germany is frowning on Russia.


I bet there are a few people spinning in their graves on this news.

The German government believes that international law allows Ukraine to launch attacks on the territory of Russia as a measure of self-defense. It has also approved a $2.9-billion weapons package for Ukraine — the largest single German arms delivery since the beginning of the war.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said “We all wish for a speedy end to this terrible and illegal war… Germany will provide any help it can — as long as it takes.”

Overall, Germany has already sent arms shipments amounting to that one-package equivalent to Ukraine.

The European Union has now provided the most total aid (including finance and humanitarian aid) to Ukraine, while the U.S. has provided the most military aid.

On a related note, Steffen Heberstreit, official representative of the German government, stated that Ukraine may launch attacks on Russia using German equipment as long as said equipment did not come directly from Germany.

Germany would not object, for example, if one of its customer countries like Poland decides to send Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine.

Germany might also join the “fighter jet coalition,” providing training and equipment.

Upshot: It’s OK to attack Russia; Ukraine can’t use our weapons in the attacks; but other countries can.

It’s actually remarkable how far Germany has come in supporting Ukraine. For decades Germany replied on the U.S. for umbrella protection against Russia. It had an “eastern policy” of promoting trade and social contacts.

Then Putin blew that up. He invaded Ukraine.

Three months ago Germany decided to ship its tanks directly to Ukraine. Hours after its announcement, President Biden said the United States will be sending its main battle tanks to Ukraine as well.

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly also acknowledged that Ukraine has a “legitimate right” to defend itself and can “project force” beyond its borders. The comment mostly related to drone attacks, which are happening with increasing…

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