For Biden’s Re-Election Roe Has To Beat Gaza — And It Does!

Barry Gander
11 min readNov 22, 2023

and BTW the polls suck and a revolution is needed thereafter

Biden’s chances of winning against Trump in 2024 boil down to the conflicting weight of two issues: Reproductive rights (ROE) on his side, minus the Gaza War (not popular). The Democrats also have to prep for the next election which will require a totally different and Progressive (revolutionary) approach, or they will have no one left who cares.

Oh yes, and we must deal with the issue of the polls, because they are top headlines in the media.

Let’s deal with that elephant-in-the-room first: Does it mean anything that Biden was down in the polls?

Alarming headlines claimed a few days ago that he was trailing Donald Trump.

In fact, by today, Biden’s approval rating had increased modestly as voters give the president higher marks on the economy and jobs. The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey showed Biden received a 45 percent approval rating, slightly higher than a similar survey conducted in October that showed 44 percent of respondents gave him a thumbs up.

Half of those polled approved of his handling of stimulating jobs, up from 49 percent in October. Voters in the survey reported better feelings about the economy.

So what are the polling predicting…?

Remember the mid-terms? The advancing red wave that would sweep away the Dems. But it didn’t.

I can say this with full and tested confidence: in the future, do not believe the mainstream press reports on polls. Believe me. I work harder.

Traditional nonpartisan pollsters had produced polls that largely reflected reality. But there were far fewer of those polls than in the past.

Their results were overwhelmed by a pile of partisan polls that more readily mirrored Republican political needs rather than reality. The new polls fed a media hunger for fresh meat served daily. The skewed results amplified alarm in the mainstream media, which triggered a lot of unnecessary political spending by the Democrats.

One disturbing factoid reported in the New York Times was: “[Other] pollsters lacked experience, like two high-school juniors in…



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