Civil War Devotees: Bookmarks For You

Barry Gander
3 min readMay 29, 2022

I find the Civil War a riveting subject, with a continent’s future at stake.

Diving into a thick volume, however, often left me lost in the descriptions about which unit was moving where to do what. “He advanced to Doorknob Hill and struck the right flank.”

So I made myself a series of “BATTLEFIELD BOOKMARKS” that I could refer to as I read.

Each brochure is a place-holder that contains maps, handy arrows and short summaries.

I am thinking that other Civil War buffs may find them useful as well, so I’ve put them online.

Just download and print the files:

  • Double-sided printing, with paper flipped on the short edge
  • Landscape format

(Ignore the tab that says “Donations”. You don’t need to donate anything. If you donate, I will send the money off to random history teachers in states that ban books.)

The aim of the three-fold brochures is to be “Bookmarks with Meaning”

If you are a teacher and feel that these could help your students, please help yourself and print as many as you need. You might find that a ‘folding device’ like this would be helpful if you are doing a lot of them:

There are a dozen Battlefield Bookmarks, covering significant events in the Civil War:

  • Fire-Storm: a summary of the war;
  • First Bull Run (First Manassas): first major battle of the war;
  • Shiloh: a wedge in the heart of the Confederacy;
  • New Orleans: the Confederacy’s biggest citadel falls;
  • The Seven Days: the week than lasted three years;
  • Antietam: the bloodiest single day in American history;
  • Vicksburg: splitting the Confederacy;
  • Chancellorsville: Lee trades his ‘right arm’ for a masterpiece;
  • Gettysburg: the…
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