Avenging the Jan 6th Riot and the Supreme Court’s Treachery

Barry Gander
6 min readAug 10, 2022

Republicans had been gloating over two big wins: the repeal of self-determination on abortion, and the stonewalling of the January 6th investigation.

They are now falling off their perch, shaken by two developments: the windfall of documents seized in Mar-a-Lago by the Justice Department, which could break open the January 6th storyline, and the depth of the national outrage made visible by Kansas’ vote on the cancellation of freedom of reproductive choice.

Regarding January 6th, the Department of Justice has just seized 15 boxes of incriminating material from Donald Trump’s estate. This will no doubt be correlated with the two years’ worth of texts on Alex Jone’s phone. And the phone of an alleged January 6th plotter has been nabbed by the FBI. More to come.

How do we know the FBI boxes contain incriminating material? Because the DOJ, as someone said, “are not riverboat gamblers.” Justice Merrick Garland had to have very solid evidence before he sent in the FBI bloodhounds. Fox News fanatics are going into hysterics about having the DOJ show us the cause; in fact, the Justice Department has strict rules against discussing ongoing investigations. However, Trump was served with DOJ papers listing the reasons for the investigation, and he can release those papers at any time. Unless of course they incriminate him. Trump’s silence on those reasons is why we can be sure that Trump is in deep trouble.

Now, the information will be formally evaluated and charges will be laid.

A world of hurt will be revealed by merciless lights.

Beyond that, there will be justice. Here is the reason for panic in the Republican ranks: 90% of U.S. criminal cases end in guilty pleas.

Read that again slowly, so you can savor it.

(Another two per cent of cases go to trial, BTW, and 83% of those end in convictions. Only eight per cent have their cases dismissed.)

Trump has an eight percent chance of escaping jail.

Barry Gander

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